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BLOG/ Dave's Do's for Radon Awareness!

January is prevention month and Stuedemann Radon Resolutions make it their missions to spread the awareness of what Radon can do to your loved ones with long-term exposure. Dave gives moms a look inside the odorless, tasteless Radon gas that can cause harm to their families if left undetected.

What you need to know about a newer home!

If your home was built after 2010, you may have a passive system installed in your basement. However, this is NOT enough to protect your family from the dangers of Radon!

A passive system is typically placed in the foundation of the home by a plumber, not by a licensed Radon Mitigator. Radon mitigators must be licensed by the state of Illinois, and passive systems can be placed in a home by a plumber without being subject to the strict rules in place to ensure mitigation systems are installed properly.

What can you do? Hire a licensed Radon mitigator to activate the mitigation system by adding a fan to the passive system. “In 80% of new homes, passive systems are not installed properly by the plumber, so we need to re-drill a hole in the foundation,” says Dave Stuedemann of Stuedemann Radon Resolutions.

A full mitigation system in a new home will cost $1100-$1200, this includes the piping, fan, caulking all of the accessible cracks in the basement floor and adding a new lid to the sump pump. If the crawl spaces or slabs are also present, extra suction points and a liner may be required. Give us a call to help with your system! Stuedemann Radon Resolutions at (815)-343-7090. You can also find us on the web at

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