There’s an easy solution For a Radon Problem:  Stuedemann Radon Mitigation Resolutions

Dave Stuedemann has been a trusted name in the home construction business for over 25 years. Achieving work experience and education in the areas of high-quality design and construction, Dave has followed the needs of the building industry to add radon mitigation to the scope of his expertise.

Dave believes a part of quality construction means ensuring the safety of the structure through radon testing by an outside source, and subsequent mitigation, if necessary.

An important part of Dave’s responsibility as Radon Mitigation Professional is to assist in the area of education as it applies to radon exposure. If you ever have any questions about the issue of radon, just give Dave a call.

If you are selling your home

It is recommended to have your home tested for Radon prior to listing your home for sale. When you do list your home for sale, you will be required to sign a radon disclosure revealing the results of any radon test that has been conducted in your home. If you choose not to test prior to listing your home, you may be asked to test it when you have an interested buyer. If the test results are above 4pic/L then the issue may become a hurdle: Buyer will no doubt insist the problem is addressed before you can close on your home. If you test your home before listing it on the market, and the results are high, you will benefit from living in a healthy home for the duration of the sales period, and passing the home along to a pleased purchaser who knows the value of your decision.

What Stuedemann Radon Mitigration Resolutions Will Do For You

As a licensed, qualified radon-reduction mitigation specialist, Dave Stuedemann will:

  • Review your testing guidelines and measurement results and determine if additional measurements are necessary
  • Evaluate your radon issue and provide you with a detailed proposal on how radon levels will be lowered
  • Design a radon-reduction system specifically for your unique specifications
  • Install the system according to EPA standards; and
  • Guarantee the system works effectively

Do you have a high radon test? Drop us a note!